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Call for Editorship of Excelsior Journal

The New York Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (NYACTE) invites proposals for a campus-based editorial team to administer and produce its journal, Excelsior: Leadership in Teaching and Learning, for a 3-year term, renewable up to a period of two additional years, beginning February 2024.


Excelsior provides a forum to explore issues related to teaching and learning at public and independent colleges and universities with programs in educator and leader preparation. Excelsior is published twice a year. The journal is published in an online format.


New York State scholars in the field of education who are interested in promoting high-quality scholarship within the journal, who possess strong managerial and organizational skills, and who are willing to serve a minimum three-year term as editors, are welcome to apply. The editor(s) will be an ex-officio member of the NYACTE Board and will participate in NYACTE Board meetings (travel expenses are reimbursed when not conducted remotely). NYACTE will provide support for an hourly-wage graduate assistant. The current editors will provide support during the transition.

Full proposal guidelines are available here.

Proposal Deadline: November 5, 2023

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