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Information on Potential Changes to Certification Regulations

NEW!!  NYACTE has finalized its policy position and response to NYSED’s proposed changes to certification regulations and is accepting endorsements of this document by individuals.  If you would like to endorse this document, please complete this form for adding your signature by April 12, 2024. A memorandum with endorsements will be shared with the New York Commissioner of Education and NYSED leadership, as well as made public online.

PAST: NYSATE-NYACTE FORUM on Proposed Changes to Certification Regulations
On Wednesday, November 8, 2023, Dr. Bill Murphy, NYSED’s Deputy Commissioner for Higher Education, and Mr. Alex Trikalinos, Assistant Commissioner for NYSED’s Office of Teacher and Leader Development, shared information with NYSATE and NYACTE members via Zoom on potential revisions to current teacher certification regulations. These include revisions to certification requirements for teaching assistants, classroom teachers, and school and district leaders, as well as changes to transitional certification titles. 


This session was recorded and the recording can be accessed here.

A memo to the stakeholders describing these proposed changes can be accessed here.

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