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Become a Member

Please consider supporting NYACTE’s work by becoming an institutional member.  Dues are only $275 per year (9/1/23 -  8/31/24) per institution.  A membership application form is available here. 


Members support NYACTE’s work and mission to elevate education and educator preparation in New York State and beyond through research, professional practice, advocacy, and collaboration.  Specifically, NYACTE works to provide: 


  • Both institutional and individual voice in policy matters that affect your institution, the profession, and students through our Teacher Education Advisory Group (TEAG) which communicates with our partners at the New York State Education Department (NYSED) to be sure voices of NYS educator preparation programs are represented in state policy development.  

  • Free access to the NYACTE peer-reviewed online journal, Excelsior: Leadership in Teaching and Learning, as well as opportunities to publish in and review for this journal.  

  • Opportunity to participate in a coordinated program of activities, including our annual fall conference, and engage in productive dialogue devoted to the concerns of teacher educators in schools, colleges, and universities, with colleagues at the NYS Education Department.  

  • Updates on policy decisions as they are happening in the State.  

  • Avenues to establish personal and professional relationships with fellow professionals.  

Member Institutions

Below are links to institutions in New York State which have teacher education programs.  NYACTE membership is indicated for up-to-date paid members for 2023-2024.  

City University of New York (CUNY)  

State University of New York (SUNY)  


Affiliated Teacher Preparation Organizations  

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